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sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Sci Fi Set

D&M_Creations_SciFi_Set por 999Demonic666

More than one hundred new objects for sims who dream with other worlds beyond the Earth.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Sci Fi Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.


  • Floors:

    • M-I , M-II, M-III, M-IV ,M-V, M-VI

  • Walls:

    • I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

  • Roofs:

    • I, I-B, I-G

  • Columns:

    • D-I, D-II, S-I, S-II, S-III, T-I, T-II, T-III, T-IV

    • Landing Gear

    • Curved Column B, Curved Column F, Curved Column Top B, Curved Column Top F

    • Deco Facades: (B, F, T, W-B, W-F, W-T)

  • Fences:

    • SF-F, SF-O, SF-T, SF-V, SF-W, Base Fence

  • Stairs:

    • Sci Fi Base Staircase, Sci Fi Staircase

  • Railings:

    • Sci Fi Base Railing, Sci Fi Railing

  • Windows:

    • Sci Fi Window, Sci Fi Tall Window, Sci Fi Bay Window

  • Doors:

    • Single Door, Sliding Double Door Base, Sliding Double Door A, Sliding Double Door R


  • Comfort:

    • Beds:

      • Sci Fi Bed

      • Suspended Animation Chamber (Require: WA)

    • Dining Chairs: Sci Fi Dining Chair

    • Comfort Misc:

      • Command Chair

      • Control Center Chair

  • Surfaces:

    • Dining table: Sci Fi Dining Table

    • End Table: Sci Fi End Table

    • Desks:

      • Control Console

      • Wall Control Console

  • Lighting:

    • Ceiling Lights: Sci Fi Ceiling Light

    • Wall Lamps:

      • Wall Lamp Base

      • Wall Lamp Base Vertical

    • Floor Lamps:

      • Floor Lamp Arched

      • Big Reactor Core

      • Medium Reactor Core

      • Small Reactor Core

  • Plumbing:

    • Sink: Sci Fi Sink

    • Shower: Sci Fi Shower

    • Toilet: Sci Fi Toilet

  • Storage:

    • Dresser: Sci Fi Dresser

  • Electronic:

    • Computers: Sci Fi Computer

  • Decor:

    • Mirror: Sci Fi Mirror

    • Sculptures: Light Sculpture (Require: LN)

    • Misc Decor:

      • Deco Arch , Base Arch, C Arch, Round Arch

      • Deco C Corridors (B, T, R-B, R-T, T3-B, T3-T, T4-B, T4-T)

      • Deco Windows ( C, F, S)

      • Big Crate, Crate, Cylinder Crate

      • Holographic Monitors, Big Holographic Monitor

      • Hatch (Open I, Open II, Close I, Close II, Close Round)

      • Cornices (F, C)

      • Control Pad Door

      • Engine Systems (I, II) (Require: LN)

      • Deco Fence Post (Require: LN)

      • Laser For Deco Fence (Require: LN)

  • Download

    Mediafire: Sci Fi Set. Build Mode
    Mediafire: Sci Fi Set. Buy Mode

    Megaupload: Sci Fi Set. Build Mode
    Megaupload: Sci Fi Set. Buy Mode

    33 comentarios:

    1. Thanks this is amazing! It could be used for so many things! Thanks again!

    2. Respuestas
      1. Dear Demonic

        Really love your collection of science fiction Sims3 mods! However, I only have the basic Sims3 with no Expansion pack or Stuff pack.

        Could you let me know if it will cause any problems if I download and install?

        Love, and thank you :)


        (do email me yeah?)

    3. The most incredible accomplishment! You are a hell of a creator!

    4. Amazing indeed, feel like it's xmas morning and I just got a new lego set or something. Thanks, and great job!

    5. ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Lo amo!

    6. I am so building an evil mad scientist lair. Wonderful!

    7. TE ADORO!!!.... simplemente

      (y yo que había prometido no hacer más lotes sci-fi!!!, tendré que incumplir mi promesa, claro ;-)

    8. Thats so wonderful, great, amazing, thank you so much.

    9. Está realmente fantástico! Hay un par de mundos originales que darán el pego realmente como otro planeta gracias a este conjunto!

    10. I love it. Wanted item. You're awesome.
      I'll build this item for a good institute.
      Thank you. Thanks again.

    11. I'm completely speechless. Extremely well done! No offense to EA, but you leave their creators in the dust!

    12. Thanks again for the comments! :)
      I hope you enjoy with this set.

      Armonia tus lotes son geniales, espero ver pronto uno nuevo, sea sci-fi o no ;)

    13. gracias esta excelente este set, no soy fanatico de todo lo sci-fi pero desde ahora si! esto es mejor ke lo ke ponen en la ea-store!... muchas gracias x compartirlo con nosotros.. abrazo

    14. Incredibly awesome set, thank you so much for making this :D

    15. Wonderfull !!! simply wonderfull !!

    16. Please make more rococo!!!! :)

    17. finally downloading this. It'll probably take two days to merge it with my other stuff, but it'll be worth it.

      I see quite a few good things here for a TARDIS.

    18. Increíble, es casi un mini stuff pack. Excelente trabajo, gracias!!! Hacía mucha falta algo así.

    19. These are stunning. :) But I did want to ask, have the items been updated for the Pets patch?

    20. Thank you! It's great)

      *From Russia with love*

    21. Por favor sigue creando. Este set me dejo sin palabras! Soy super 'picky' para mi CC pero en cuanto vi este set, decidi bajarlo. Esta increible! :)

    22. I can't believe I forgot to write a comment, this set is fantastic! Truly one of my favorites. Thank you very much for sharing!

      Your lots are also wonderful, btw...

    23. found something that will finally work in my space ship build. awesome work, thanks a ton!

    24. These are awesome! Great job!

    25. this was the only place were i find finally something with glass or holograms for the sims 3, tahnk you :)

      by the way, can you try to inspire on a video called "a day made of glass"? this fututristic inovation for the future, i am trying to find out, how to do it...
      thank you again.

    26. This is such an awesome set!
      Thank you so very much for sharing it!

    27. I just found this but WOW! I get to have my own outpost, maybe a space station, or a spaceship... the possibilities are endless. Thank you!

    28. Are these still available? I'm having trouble downloading them. Neither of the download sites are functioning for these downloads. It looks like a beautiful set, and I'd really like to utilize them for the Colony challenge. Gorgeous work!!

    29. Thank you so much! I've used this set for quite awhile & it gives everything the "wow" factor! Awesome stuff! :)