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Welcome to D&M Creations - Demonic
These are my works for Sims3

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jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Crypt Of The Vampire

Vampire Crypt. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3

Vampire Crypt I. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3

Vampire Crypt II. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3

Vampire Crypt III. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3

This set include:

Vampire Coffin / Vampire Coffin With Cross (Comfort- Beds)

The coffins require Expansion Pack "World Adventures", the rest of the items require only the base game.

Vampire Canopy (Decor - Window Decor)

Vampire Coffin Coffee Table (Surfaces - Coffee Tables)

Vampire End Table (surfaces - End Tables)

Vampire Chair (Comfort - Dining Chairs)

Vampire Lighting Floor Candles (Lighting - Floor Lamps)

Vampire Double Door (Build Mode - Door)

Vampire Wall (Build Mode - Wall Pattern - Paints)


Mediafire:Crypt Of The Vampire

Megaupload:Crypt Of The Vampire

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  1. Hi there! :)

    I'm NewOne from One Billion Pixels and I'm also Founder of Creator's Corner.
    Here's the link:

    Anyway, we feature creations of our members (those that follow the blog) by displaying pictures and links to where those items can be found.

    You have a wonderful site and we would love to feature your creations on our site.
    Please have a look at our site and you can make decision later whether you want to be our member or not.

    Have A Nice Day!


  2. Hi NewOne,

    I'll send you a mail.

    See you


  3. magnifique! JE DIS bravo verser this création belle! un je Qc tél point l'ai Télécharge! J'Ai mis Votre bannière sur mon site le simskis, si Vous Voulez Je Vous donnerais la mienne si Vous etes intéréssez!

    Continue Comme ça!

  4. Hi Cywkis,

    I'll send you a mail.

    See you.


  5. Hi!,I have a problem with your addons, every time I install the key and also asks me if I install from the launcher will not be helping me?

  6. I make my work in game version 1.12 / 2.7, I only use .package files that you put in a folder called "Mods"
    In this set the coffins require Expansion Pack "World Adventures".If you don't have the expansion don't work.

  7. Este set es increible, por desgracia desde que actualicé a la versión 1.26 las mesas no funcionan correctamente, cualquier objeto que les pongo encima se queda como si estubiera en el suelo y supuestamente esta "encima" de ellas :( ¿hay alguna forma para arreglarlo?

  8. I love this However I got it from Mod the sims site and It worked until University come out, The doors on the coffins no longer open. Is there a chance this may get fixed?