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These are my works for Sims3

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miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Medieval Dungeon Museum

Medieval Dungeon Museum. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.

Medieval Dungeon Museum Set. D&M Creations - Demonic. Sims 3.


Mediafire:Medieval Dungeon Museum / Museo Mazmorra Medieval

Megaupload:Medieval Dungeon Museum / Museo Mazmorra Medieval

UPDATE: Fixed wall masks - Window, Doors, Arch - (Game Version: 1.19/2.14/6.2.4)

Barrel Vault / Boveda de Cañon (Arch)
Pointed Vault / Boveda de Cañon Apuntada (Arch)
Round Arch / Arco de Medio Punto (Arch)
Lancet Arch / Arco Apuntado (Arch)
Shackles / Grilletes (Deco)
Stocks / Cepo (Deco)
Wheel / Rueda (Deco)
Spiked Punishment Collar /Collar con Pinchos (Deco)
Hanging Cage /Jaula (Deco)
Iron Maiden / Doncella de Hierro (Deco)
Interrogation Chair / Silla de Interrogatorios (Deco)
Judas Cradle / Cuna de Judas (Deco)
Rack / Potro (Deco)
Pendulum / Pendulo (Deco)
Lighting Wall Candle / Aplique con vela (Lighting)
Metal Cell Cage / Valla de Metal para Celdas (Fences)
Metal Cell Door / Puerta de Metal para Celdas (Doors)
Door Cell / Puerta de Celdas (Doors)
Window Cell / Ventana para Celdas (Windows)

12 comentarios:

  1. Jakie to straszne ale bardzo śliczne,Lubie takie straszne klimaty.Coś dla mnie.
    Moge twoje prace umieszczać na moim blogu
    Pozdrawiam Bożena

  2. Demonic!!! te quedó de cine!!está genial!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment Bozena, you can add my works in your blog :).

    Gracias por el comentario Luna, me alegro de que te guste :)

  4. Amazing job. I absolutely love this! (not to mention everything else you make <3 )

  5. Hey there, thank you a lot I love this set! :3

    Too bad I can't download it! Mediafire says it has got no data.. well, I'm trying later.

  6. Thanks Epifight and Lori :)
    I added a new link for download.

  7. Are you going to reupload this set? It's gorgeous and I would absolutely love to have it

  8. Thanks Iori and JKAmaryllis :)

    I reupload Mediafire link, Megaupload link works fine.

  9. Ooh ! great !!! I am looking for a medieval jail with chains and more... it's exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot for this fantastic set...
    We will pleased to present your job on our french web-site when my search will be completed.
    Many many thanks

  10. Thanks for your words Nat&Dali. :)
    I hope you enjoy with my works.
    I'll visited your site. :)

  11. I like the mod but it crashes my game :(
    Anyway to fix this
    Sims 3 core V1.0.631.00001